What makes us So Different?

Our goal is to help as many people as possible experience the life-changing journey to the land of the Bible. We know that for most travelers, this will be a once in a lifetime trip. Whether you’re a group of 50 or a single traveler, we will do all we can to make your trip an experience you’ll never forget.

Comparing Israel Trips

There are so many things that go into making your trip of a lifetime. As you compare tour companies, be aware that not all trips to Israel are the same. Here are some things to look for:

Tips. Many companies do not included the extra $100 or more for tips to your guide, bus driver, and hotel staff. We do.

Nights in Israel. Although a tour maybe advertised as 9, 10, or 11 days, check how many nights you actually spend in Israel. Many times, it will only be seven. All our tours spend nine nights at beautiful, four-star hotels.

Departure airport. Why be forced to spend the extra $300-400 to travel to New York? We’ll arrange for you to depart from a nearby, major airport.

Other hidden costs. Personal listening device? Airport taxes? Fuel surcharges? Admission to ALL sites you’ll visit? Yep, it’s all included.

One of the greatest joys of my life has been to visit the country of Israel! Passages I had studied in the Bible suddenly came to life. Things that I thought I understood were clarified in a fresh way. The reality of who Jesus is and how he lived captured me in a unique way as I literally walked where He walked.

Join us! Take it from me, you won’t regret it.


-Kurt Skelly


Is it safe?

Yes! Millions of visitors travel to Israel each year, amazed and inspired! In fact you’ll feel just as safe (or safer) in Israel then any major city in the US. When visiting take the usual tourist precautions; don’t leave personal items unattended, use the safe deposit box at your hotels, be more mindful where you go at night, travel in groups and accompanied when possible.

Is it affordable?

One of the main reasons we started Land of the Bible Tours was to allow people to see Israel who thought they never could afford to! Our trips include just about everything–flights, hotels, land transportations, professional guide, tips, Buffett breakfast/dinner, and all site admission fees. Going to Israel is probably easier and less expensive than you think!

How taxing is it physically?

We do a lot of walking! But with a little preparation, you’ll be good to go. An average day is about 10,000-12,000 steps. If you have a concern about being able to handle the trip physically, let us know!

What about insurance?

We HIGHLY recommend trip insurance! It is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. While there are many providers, our passengers have had great experience with faithventures.com.

How much money should I bring?

The only thing that you’ll need money for is lunches and souvenirs/gifts. Lunches average $12-15 per day, and there are LOTS of opportunities for shopping. Most locations in Israel will accept credit cards and the overwhelming majority will take American money. There will be changes to exchange for local currency.

Do I need a visa?

For stays up to three months, you don’t need a visa. The only travel document you need is your passport. Just be sure that it is valid for at least  six months AFTER your trip.

Can I buy my own plane ticket?

We do provide a land-only version of the trip. Contact us for more information.

Should I go?

A trip to the Holy Land is life-changing! As you read your Bible, you’ll find yourself saying “I’ve been there!” or “I know exactly what that looks like!” Every Christian should travel to Israel at least once!

Still have questions?


The trip was not only affordable, it was, from start to finish, absolutely incredible. From all the trips we considered, none could compete. The highest recommendation I can give is this – we are already scheduled with him for a second trip!

Pastor Jeff Redlin

Pensacola, FL

It’ll bring the Bible to life. You’ll be able to see it when you preach. Your Bible reading and imagination of the Biblical landscapes where Christ ministered will go from black and white to vibrant color. You need to go.

Pastor Scott Tewell

Baltimore, MD

Every part of the trip was well planned, the hotels we stayed in were exceptional, the group always felt safe and every need was anticipated and provided for. For the price I simply don’t believe you can have a better experience.

Pastor Troy Dorrell

Tulsa, OK




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April 19-29, 2021 | $3699


November 29-December 9, 2021 | $3699

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