Greece 2023

last updated October 18, 2023, for the October 17-27, 2023 trip

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Take a moment now and like/follow us on social media! Then as you post pictures and experiences throughout your trip, tag each one with #lotb23. We’ve also created a private Facebook Group, just for your trip. Use this group as a place┬áto share pictures/videos, ask questions, and connect with other travelers! And one tip….it’s best to post pictures, etc. publicly, then share with the group. That way more people can enjoy the Holy Land with you! Social Media Links You’ll undoubtedly take so (too?) many pictures during your trip, but sometimes the best picture of YOU is from someone else! At the end of the trip, we encourage you to share your pictures with the whole group. The easiest way is to upload to this Dropbox. Once all are collected, we’ll share with everyone! Upload Pictures to Dropbox